Calling All Seattle Brides – Two Fabulous Options to Save Money on Your Northwest Wedding

You are being married in Seattle!

Whether you have started your wedding planning or are just beginning to piece things together for your big day, you may be amazed to know that the Seattle and the Pacific Northwest offer you “local savings options” for your wedding day and celebration.

Planning a wedding can cost big bucks. If you’ve got the money and the vision, you can create your wedding day as you like. For many couples, spending $28,000 (the average cost for a wedding in the United States this year) isn’t on the table. With the economy soft and jobs still tight or unstable, many couples are taking a sharp pen to their wedding budget and getting creative when it comes to “what to spend and how to spend” on their wedding day.

As a Seattle wedding veteran and having been to hundreds of Northwest weddings in all shapes and sizes, I’d like to offer you two “local savings options” for your wedding day:

The Seattle Parks & Recreation Department ~ Local Parks: Seattle offers gorgeous parks for a wedding ceremony and celebration. You can save big bucks on a wedding venue by booking your wedding at a park in King or Snohomish Counties. The Parks Department keeps a calendar for each “wedding year” and accepts bookings for an upcoming year on a specific date. Fees for a park are amazingly reasonable and if a couple wants a fun, casual and outdoor ceremony and celebration, one of the parks within the Seattle Parks System may be a most excellent choice.

Some of my favorite Seattle parks with buildings/covered area options: Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Volunteer Park, Carkeek Park, Magnolia Park and Parsons Garden. For more information, go to:

Change The Day Of Your Week: In Seattle, the weekend is “prime time” for a wedding. If you are holding your wedding on a Friday,Saturday or Sunday you will pay top dollar or best rate for your venue, photographer, florist, caterer, officiant, to name a few.

While areas of the country tend to be more traditional when it comes to scheduling a wedding on a weekend, more and more couples in the Seattle and Puget Sound area are holding their wedding on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and saving serious dollars in the process.


Unusual Wedding Venues – A Guide to Unique Wedding Venues

Unusual wedding venues are becoming more and more people nowadays as people strive to find new and interesting places to get married. Not a week goes by without someone getting married in anew and unusual location or a couple who have got hitched in an unusual way or had a ceremony in a certain type of fancy dress or that had themed there service to resemble a popular TV series or movie set.

Unusual Outdoor Wedding Venues

Some people that want a memorable and unique wedding site choose to get married in the great outdoors in a forest, on a farm, an area of natural beauty or on the coast on a beach. This is a great way to get married with the wind in your hair and sun in your eyes if the weather holds out for you, which it’s unlikely to in Britain, particularly if you’ve been planning the wedding day for some months in advance. It’s unlikely to be sunny exactly on the day that you’ve chosen even if you choose a date in the summer months.

Unusual Historical Wedding Venues

A common location for an unusual wedding is a historic landmark, or ruin, somewhere of national importance of times gone by. By choosing to get married in such an unusual location you can wow your friends and guests with your wedding photographs. These types of wedding sites are ideal in some ways as if they are already popular touristic sites, there is usually some infrastructure in place such as running water, catering, parking and the all important toilet facilities. In addition you’re likely to attract an additional crowd from tourists looking on. Historic churches, castles and stately homes are the most popular of these types of wedding venues as they have picturesque surrounding landscaped gardens and countryside ideal for the backdrop of group wedding photographs.

Unusual Sport Related Wedding Venues

If a couple is into a particularly interested in a certain sport either as a spectator or as enthusiast the choosing an associated sports complex for the wedding venue is the ideal choice. Say they were into playing gold in their spare time they may want to combine the wedding with a golf themed wedding and get married in the clubhouse of a golf course that offers wedding ceremonies as well as catering services. The added advantage of these types of venue is their location in relation the transport links, available parking, catering services as well as accommodation in some cases. Another advantage of getting married particularly on a golf course is that you can play a round of golf on the wedding day or during the weekend.


How to Choose Your Wedding Stationery

With such as wide variety of choice available for wedding stationery these days it can be difficult to decide which is right for your wedding. Whilst the choice should be a personal one, there are also a number of factors relating to the style of your wedding that you need to consider.

Formal Weddings
If you are having a formal wedding then you are very likely to be having a religious ceremony and will be adhering to wedding etiquette wherever possible.

For a formal wedding simplicity is usually traditional. Your wedding invitations should be elegant flat cards or folded versions but with a minimal amount of detail in terms of fancy graphic design and colored fonts. A typical formal invitation would be a flat card perhaps with gold edging and the invitation wording printed in the center.

According to wedding etiquette you should not enclose anything else with your wedding invitations, including RSVP cards, however, many brides choose to enclose a simple small RSVP card and envelope anyway.

The rest of your wedding stationery will follow the same, simple, elegant format. Colors will typically be white, cream or ivory, although you can use some variations in finish on these colors such as pearl finishes which add a nice sheen to the paper and card. Graphical elements will be very traditional such as wedding bells, doves, hearts and a bride and groom.

Informal Weddings
Not to be confused with casual weddings. An informal wedding can be a religious or civil one, but one where wedding etiquette will not play such a big role. Here invitations take one a whole new look, with stylish pocket styles, gate folds and the envelopment style which allows for the inclusion of various enclosures such as maps, accommodation details and RSVP cards.

With this style of wedding, invitations and indeed the rest of the wedding stationery, graphic design will play a major role with stylish modern or contemporary graphics, monograms and fancy fonts. Color will also be important with the chosen wedding colors being incorporated wherever possible.


Things to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Venue

Marriage is the union of couples who are in love. Each country has its own approach to commemorate the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is usually celebrated according to country’s cultures as well as religions. The wedding ceremony typically begins the marriage. The event is one of the most wonderful times of the couple’s life and it is an occasion to conduct a ceremony and celebrate with friends and loved ones.

It’s the expectation of every couple to have a solemn and successful wedding ceremony, however, organizing a wedding can end up being quite demanding for anyone, especially, if they don’t hire a skilled wedding planner to help. Planning a wedding can be stressful for the couple. Using a qualified wedding planner is a much better idea considering the fact that the planner will do the majority of the work and the new bride will stress free and can enjoy the big day.

Celebrating a wedding in New York City will most likely cost you a lot of money. However, there are so many attractive NYC wedding venues in the city which make it difficult to not consider a NYC wedding. So if you decide to enjoy your wedding in NYC to the fullest, there is an easy guide to show you how to find the best wedding venue in New York City.

The first step to discovering a wedding venue in New York City will be to decide on your wedding date. Regardless of number of wedding venues in New York City, booking up to 2 years in advance is necessary or you may not have the desired venue for your wedding.

The next thing to figure out is your budget because venues in New York tend to be very expensive. If your budget is limited, speak to restaurants that can accommodate your budget. If you have a larger budget it will not as much of a challenge to find a class venue that will fit your tastes and styles. You can start by locating hotels and other venues and compare prices. Begin by critiquing the various packages and offers. It is also wise to review the accommodations and opt for the ones that fits your needs and desires.


Shake Up Your Sedentary Lifestyle – Starting Guide to Getting Physically Active

Do you know that approximately 60% to 80% of the world population is living a sedentary lifestyle? If you are one of them, it is worth to remember that it is considered as one of the factors to blame for premature deaths.

Perhaps it is also about time to shake up your sedentary lifestyle and to start incorporating exercise activities in your daily life. For active people, this is not a challenge at all but for those who have been physically inactive for years, then the following tips will help you.

Most people maybe including you always have endless list of excuses to refrain from exercising. It can be due to busy schedule or lack of funds to enroll for gym membership. Whatever it is that holding you back to work out; this starting guide can help you engage yourself in regular exercise.

So how can you start getting physical active? Actually, there are many ways to do that and with a pinch of creativity it can be fun doing it.

Just half an Hour. Start including exercise in your daily schedule can really be challenging but it can always be approached through gradual change. So aim to exercise for half an hour a day. Start by walking around the blocks after dinner or take your dog for a morning walk in the park.

Exercising first thing in the morning is the best option for busy individuals. This will help them to stay track in exercise routine as their schedule can sometimes sabotage their workout schedule in the evening.

Weekend Activities. Weekend can give you ample time to engage in more rigorous physical activities. It means burning more calories. You can try organizing with friends or families a hike, mountain climbing, beach volleyball, swimming or community mini-marathon competition.

There are many options for physically engaging weekend activities. The most important thing is you join and get involve in it.


Healthy Tips For a Busy Lifestyle

Every year, the number of people working in jobs with long and demanding hours increases. Sometimes it can seem that with our busy schedule there just isn’t seem to be anytime left for staying healthy anymore. Fortunately this isn’t true. There are many things which people can do towards improving their eventual health. The following are some healthy tips for a busy lifestyle. Following these will greatly improve the health of your body.

Planning – What do you hope to achieve in the way of improved health? Although it might seem like that for some people, staying healthy doesn’t JUST happen. It requires effort and careful dedication from each individual. It also requires a fair amount of planning. In order to stay healthy during your busy weeks you will have to effective plan ahead. If you intend on taking works three times a week you will need to create a space in your busy schedule when you can have these walks. You will also need to plan your daily dietary habits. By carefully planning for what you hope to achieve you will be more likely of staying dedicated to your goals.

Exercise – As much as people might wish otherwise, there is no denying the importance of exercising. Whilst a lot can be achieved by paying attention to your diet, even more can be gained from the efforts of exercises. There are far too many advantages of exercises. They allow you to get your body and various organs into better shape. Your muscles are also toned from the results of your exercise.

More importantly, exercising regularly limits the risk of developing injuries by keeping us fit and healthy. They reduce a person’s risk of developing heart conditions and improve the blood and sugar levels of a person. They also play an effective role in keeping a person’s cholesterol and fat levels on a lower side.

Setting a few hours aside during the week in order to get some exercise is a great way of ensuring that you stay healthy despite your busy schedule. There are many gyms or groups which you can register with. These will provide you with an outlet for exercising as well as one for socializing. Most people who choose such options find that they provide a welcomed outlet for the relief of stress and tension in the body.


How to Maximize Weight Loss in Sedentary Lifestyle

Not every body understands that it’s hard for a person who has slogged all day in office on his or her desk to get home and straight away start exercising or even worse give up eating what you really like by those impossible weight loss diets, because at the end of a hard day you just want to relax and have some fun. Not obsess over your waistline.

Most of the times people just can’t gather enough will power & motivation to loose weight. The weight loss tips everybody knows about, but it’s hard to actually implement it because temptation is not easy to quit.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle i.e. like that of an accountant, Internet marketeer, writer or anything that does not involve much moving around, you are in for a bigger toss. Let me tell you now that weight loss is ten times more difficult in such scenario. In such cases you can’t aim for fast weight loss (unless supplementing with rigorous exercises or diet plans). But one can definitely do a little bit of whatever he or she can to at least remain fit or not gain any extra pounds.

There are many exercises for Sedentary workers (Just Google) so I won’t bother you with details about them.

In my opinion (also what is working for me) best way to maintain weight while living a sedentary lifestyle is to incorporate a lot of moving around within your work space. Confused? Follow me through.

– Don’t just sit at desk or couch and keep working and working in same position, MUST keep moving your self from one position to other. Just keep fidgeting.

– I never keep a water or things to munch on my table, in fact I like to keep them as far as possible. This way every time I feel like drinking or eating I HAVE to move around. Move around 10 times a day for such stuff and you add another 200 – 300 steps at least to your daily requirement.


Living by the Sea – A Lifestyle Option

Imagine living on the coast, breathing in the fresh sea air and enjoying stunning views. In this article we consider this lifestyle option.

The concept of what the British refer to as the seaside was not really invented until Victorian/Industrial revolution times. Wealthy factory owners, the new gentry of the time would take breaks in search of what the considered to be the many health benefits on offer.

It’s no wonder then that for many of us the idea of living along the coastline is appealing. For more and more of us the opportunity to wake up each morning to the sound of rolling waves gently-lapping the shore whilst noisy seagulls quarrel overhead is very appealing and now even more accessible as a choice.

As the UK is an island we are hemmed in by seaside downs and villages which can actually make choosing where to live a bit of a difficult challenge.

A great way to make the decision is by simply answering a basic question.

What kind of coastal lifestyle are you looking for? – For example if you want to take long walks, or maybe you like to surf or fish, then choosing an area that offers the correct facilities to support your interest is going to be very important. It is definitely worth trying out what is on offer in any area before committing to living there. Other factors to consider are to do with access to everyday services, you may be happy to live somewhere extremely remote at the end of a coastal road. But are you happy to make the long journey to get supplies and so on.


Custom Jewellery: Working Together to Set You Apart

While many activities are “partner optional”, others are like synchronized swimming or riding a seesaw. Go it alone and you’ll likely be disappointed with the results. This is especially true when shopping for the perfect piece of custom jewellery for that special person or occasion. It takes a skilled custom jeweller and some key input from you to guarantee success. But if you both play your roles properly, the results will leave you star struck.

Think of custom jewellery like a gourmet meal. You can hire the most skilled chef, but without the proper ingredients, you may have to settle for Kraft Dinner (not that there’s anything wrong with that). With this in mind, here’s what your jeweler needs to know before crafting your custom jewellery:

What’s the occasion?

Sometimes we forget that different events call for different custom jewellery. What works for a birthday may not be suitable for a retirement or anniversary. Fortunately, a skilled jeweller will have experience with everything from baby showers to bar mitzvahs. You just need to point them in the right direction and let them do the rest in designing your custom jewellery.

Where will it be worn?

This is actually two questions in one. First, you need to indicate where the custom jewellery will be worn on her body, since fingers, toes and necks clearly have their own distinct features. But beyond the obvious, it’s also important to know what environment she will be wearing the custom jewellery in, so advise your jeweller of what she does for a living.

If you say “nurse”, they may opt for a shallower and smoother setting that’s less prone to catching on medical gloves and ripping them. If your answer is “teacher”, they will avoid a big ring or tall setting that could inadvertently hurt a child during playtime.


Changing Times: Upgrading Custom Jewellery

They say the only constant is change. You change your hair, change your clothes, and even change your mind. So why not change your old custom jewellery? You are a dynamic, ever-evolving person, and there’s no reason that your custom jewellery can’t follow suit. By keeping a few key points in mind, you can strike the right note and modify or upgrade your old jewellery without missing a beat.

Know what you want
When you or your loved one first selected that gorgeous ring or necklace, you did so for a reason. Maybe it was the most beautiful piece in the display case, or perhaps it just spoke to you in a way you can’t quite express. Either way, it was the perfect fit with your tastes at the time, but times change, and so do styles and preferences.

If the time has come to upgrade their custom jewellery, couples need to first take stock of what they have, then look online and in stores for some ideas on where to go from here. A custom jeweller is an excellent resource when it comes to offering suggestions, but the more information you can give them on what you envision for the shape and type of stone, the size and the setting, the easier it will be to find the piece that’s just right for you. It may take some time, but given the importance that we often place on custom jewellery, shoppers will find it is time well spent.

Know your starting point
In light of the emotional attachment that we often feel towards custom jewellery, buyers could be forgiven for throwing budgetary caution to the wind and proclaiming that “the sky’s the limit”. But in reality, the limit that really matters is the one on your credit card statement.

So approach your jewellery modification the same way you do your house purchase. Prepare your wish list, identify the “must haves” and the “nice to haves”, and find a dollar amount that you’re comfortable with. Then be sure to communicate that number clearly to the expert who’s assisting you with your custom jewellery. Many cities are home to some brilliant designers, but the best ones will focus on creating a show stopping design at a price that won’t stop your heart.